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Our Philosophy

Many practices concentrate on the mechanical, cosmetic or functional aspects of dentistry (and these, of course, are vitally important) but we also believe that the dentistry we provide must take account of the whole of the patient’s biological system.

We marry the conventional with the alternative to achieve a holistic/biological approach to dental healthcare. We believe that dental health can be influenced by some health issues that may appear to be unrelated to the mouth and conversely that dental treatment can have an impact on body systems remote from the mouth.

Take for example periodontal disease which is now known to be linked to heart disease and strokes, diabetes,  and perinatal complications. Also, headaches, migraine and neck ache may be related to the way our teeth bite together.we also believe that there are energetic links between the teeth and the rest of the body through acupuncture meridians.

Many metals are used in the practice of dentistry: mercury, nickel, beryllium, cadmium to name some. Patients can become immunologically sensitive to these and other commonly used dental restorative materials. Our current white restorative material of choice is Admira Fusion We are mercury free/mercury safe because we have concerns about the potential toxicity of mercury containing fillings for susceptible patients. (See our mercury removal article.)  We can arrange testing and advise you on suitable material for your case see for more information.

We aim to provide the most biocompatible care we can

Holistic dentists have views on the reliance on antibiotics. Whereas antibiotics are a valuable resource, they should be seen as a very last resort. Overuse has led to the development of resistant strains of bacteria like MRSA.

Prevention is key to our philosophy. Much dental treatment is avoidable with good homecare and we can give you all the help and advice you need about brushing and interdental cleaning, dietary advice and supplements. Fluoride is a contentious issue for some people and we can guide them to finding the solution which is right for them.

Whereas it would be nice to cater for all your dental needs, we try to avoid the “jack of all trades and master of none” pitfall. If a patient needs specialist treatment we will refer them to the appropriate practitioner. This might be necessary for implants or root canal treatment. Root canal treatments are a controversial subject within the holistic dentistry movement. We know that it is impossible to fully sterilize the canals within the tooth and that some bacteria will remain in the minute tubules of the tooth, however, multiple tooth extraction can also have a disastrous effect for patients with structural issues or jaw problems and the loss of front teeth can cause emotional stress in many patients. It is essential that when root canal treatment is undertaken it is done so with meticulous care to ensure the best result possible.


We work with other practitioners like homoeopathic doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths and nutritionists for the benefit of our patients.

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