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Moonfleet is a private dental practice providing dental care along the principles of mercury free/mercury safe dentistry. The practice has been totally mercury free/mercury safe since October 1994. At that time to treat mercury amalgam fillings as a potential risk to some individuals was seen as controversial but with more countries beginning to phase out dental amalgam this is no longer the case. The EU has advised that amalgams are not placed in children under the age of 16 and pregnant or nursing mothers. The FDA in America has added neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson`s and MS to this list along with chronic Kidney problems. Some Scandinavian countries have already phased out amalgam completely and Republic of Ireland has followed this path also.

There can be some confusion over the terms mercury free and mercury safe. A mercury free practice no longer places amalgam fillings and many such practices do this for cosmetic reasons. A mercury safe practice in addition to not placing amalgam fillings will when old amalgams failed and need to be replaced take precautions to minimise exposure to the patient to mercury vapour.

At Moonfleet we follow what is now termed the SMART protocol (safe mercury amalgam removal technique). For information see

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